Spring Courses



animalsThis class is designed for intermediate and advanced, narrow and wide cut rug hookers. The class has a focus on animals’ faces (including humans), fur and feathers, shading and  adding depth through perspective. Jon’s love for animals and native Americans has been the inspiration for all of his pieces. His interest in Haida art brings a new dimension to his class. If you want to take a relaxed, fun-filled class where you can also have a good learning experience, this class might be just the one you are looking for.

Instructor: Jon Ciemiewicz, New Hampshire – CANCELLED
Jon has been rug hooking since 1997 and for the most part is self-taught. His rugs have been featured in “Celebrations” magazines and have won “best in show” at state fairs. He has attended numerous workshops and the McGown Teacher’s program. He teaches workshops throughout North America.

Mandalas and Magical Landscapes – CANCELLED

magical-landscapesThis course is suitable for advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced hookers.

Have you wanted a course where the colours are surreal? Have you wanted to “get out of the box” when choosing a design and colours? This is the course for you. Welcome to Magical Landscapes where purple cows can graze on orange grass, where that special piece of dyed wool, that you never knew where to use can now go into an owl’s wings, and where you decide which colours make magic in your world.

Mandalas are a spiritual symbol representing wholeness, our relationship to the universe, and each one is different and unique. Its goal is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey. This is mainly a colour planning class for wide cuts.
Some possible designs, by Sheila LeBlanc Joyce, can be found on www.hookarug.com.

Instructor: Doug Rankin, Nova Scotia
Doug was an accredited teacher with the Nova Scotia Rug Hooking Guild for 11 years. An accredited McGown teacher since 2003, he attends yearly teachers’ workshops at McGown Northern where he has been a student as well as an instructor. He has exhibited rugs in US and Canada through McGown and ATHAexhibitions. “Eddie the Eagle” rug was in the Eye See You Too series in Rug Hooking Magazine. A Tarot card “Death” is currently on tour in USA, coming to NS next year.

Inner and Outer Space – COURSE FULL!

outer-spaceThe goal of this class is to hook the most amazing scene you have ever witnessed or can imagine. I have been interested in the views from the Hubble Telescope recently have decided to hook an interpretation of one. Michele is so inspired by the COLOURS! Have a look at them on line. What inspires you? Mountains? Water? Griffons? Perhaps a Phoenix rising from the ashes? Perhaps a view from the Hubble is turning into something else. Go ahead and challenge yourself , throw down the gauntlet. Hook the gauntlet. Come join Michele for a big learning experience and big fun.

Instructor: Michele Micarelli, Connecticut
Michele Micarelli is a rug hooking artist whose main objective is to unleash her creativity and aid others in their search. The classes she teaches are full of storytelling, imagination exercises, and laughter. She has been a rug hooker since 1991 and prefers mixed cuts and linen for lots of detail and a painterly effect. She is a certified McGown teacher.

On Your Own – COURSE FULL!

on-your-ownThis class is best suited for the rug hooker who wishes to experience the camaraderie of Rug School without taking a formal class. There will be no formal instruction, however, you are sure to have fun while learning tips and techniques from each other. Open to all levels of rug hooking and fun.

Traditions With a Twist – COURSE FULL!

traditions-with-a-twistAnimals, birds, flowers, foliage, scrolls and pictorials are all familiar to rug hookers and well loved subject matter. In this open class we will incorporate a variety of wools in the primitive style to create form as well as richness. Combine recycled plaids and textures, hand-dyed wools as well as yarns to create a mat you will treasure. Class discussions will cover colour planning to finishing. Choose a commercial pattern, your own design or one of Cherylyn’s.

Instructor: Cherylyn Brubaker, Brunswick, Maine
Cherylyn is a former graphic designer and certified RHGNS teacher.
Website: www.hookedtreasures.com

A Designer for All Time, William Morris – COURSE FULL!

william-morris“Have nothing in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to be Beautiful”

While most decorating trends have come and gone, William Morris’s lyrical vines have quietly and sinuously crept into our notion of the beautiful. His decorating philosophy can be summarized in one word “ simplicity”. We will be hooking Morris designs and learn about his time and place through story and music. You may create a design or purchase it from a rug hooking studio or online. At your request, Doris will send templates, dye formulas and a list of resource books. Alittle knowledge of shading will be helpful, however we will be hooking only 3 or 4 values of each beautiful hue. Any cut may be used, this is determined by the intricacy of the design and the weave of the backing. Join me for a fun filled course, an old fashioned English Tea Party, a lot of learning and sharing.

Instructor: Doris Norman, New Brunswick
Doris Norman is a skilled artisan and instructor since 1982. She teaches rug hooking courses at schools and workshops in the United States and Canada. She is an accredited Nova Scotia and Pearl McGown Teacher specializing in Celtic Art, Jacobean/Crewel, William Morris Design, Monochromatic, Art of the Americas,
Landscape and Realistic Shading. Her work has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, Rug Hooking Magazine, Hook Me a Story by Deanne Fitzpatrick and in Story Rugs by Paulette Hackman. Doris has a passion for the history of rug hooking and it’s preservation.

Geometrics – COURSE FULL!

geometricsHooking a Geometric is a delight! Geometrics encompass a wide variety of designs and motifs. Any repeating shape, arranged in such a way as to not recreate something in real life qualifies as geometric design, from the traditional quilt design to the many thoroughly modern uses of shapes and motifs in abstract art. In this class, you will discover the joy of hooking geometrics! We will look at the many uses of geometrics, including traditional and abstract, along with how to incorporate geometrics into many other rugs. These designs are wonderful for use as a place for the eye to rest, or bring together many aspects of one design. You will have the option of designing and hooking your own masterpiece or relying on the
well-loved, traditional patterns (such as a quilt block). We will cover many techniques of design, with particular attention spent on colour and value layout. As well, we will get back to basics of hooking different shapes and motifs. Pre-requisite: Advance Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Hookers.

Instructor: Marlene Bartlett, Calgary Alberta
Marlene began hooking in 1989 when she moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia, where she completed the teacher
certification program and was admitted into the Teachers Guild of Nova Scotia. Marlene is a very talented and prolific hooker and dyer. In 1993, she co-developed and authored a book, “Formulae.” She has hooked many pieces, including commissions and a solo exhibition of over 45 pieces at Spruce Top Studio. Since leaving Nova Scotia for Calgary, Alberta in 1998, she has continued her study of the craft by continuing teaching and gaining certification in the WCREA(Western Canadian Teaching Certification). She has extensive teaching experience and enjoys sharing her love of the art. Marlene finds that the experience of preparing for and teaching a class is the greatest way to continue to learn. Being able to instill confidence in Colour and Design in others is her greatest reward in teaching.

Let the Light Shine Through Stained Glass Techniques – 1 space available due to a cancellation

stained-glassDuring our week together we will discuss and apply methods for creating a stained glass effect in rug hooking. Topics will include colour and pattern selection and creation, dyeing and hooking techniques ( including ” beveled” glass ), methods, in general, for adding sparkle and finishing techniques. Students should be at an intermediate level in hooking skill and we will be working in number 4 and 5 cut strips. You are encouraged to work on a 16″ square pattern available from the instructor on which you will select the central motif from many options available in class or of your own creation. Wool will be available in class for your selection. Alternate patterns will be considered only if student contacts instructor early and is able to provide the amount of wool needed for the proposed project.

Instructor: Linda Marchbank, PEI
Professional home economist and teacher, Mc Gown certified instructor.

Creative Stitches and 3D Proddy – COURSE FULL!

3d-proddyYou know how to hook, now will be your time to learn how to create an “Artful Masterpiece”. We are going to explore the creative stitches and their uses. Large and small, three-dimensional proddy flowers, the embellishments of beads, roving, ribbon, silk, buttons and any other fabric you would like to bring. Come, create and have fun building your masterpiece.

Instructor: Donna Gass, Nova Scotia
Donna Gass is a Nova Scotia based rug hooker. She has been hooking and a member of the RHGNS since 1999, has been a certified rug hooking teacher with the teacher branch of RHGNS for the past 8 years, and is a member of
TIGHR. Her favourites to teach are the embellishing of rugs with creative stitches, 3D proddy flowers, using different mediums such as yarns, silks, shoe laces, beads and different fabrics. Donna has had her work featured in the Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs and the Rug Hooking Magazine in England.


folk-artFolk artists traditionally use the materials and resources at hand to create art. They think outside the box and see the world through a different lens than most people. Using these ideas we will uncover the folk artist inside each of you and create a piece of authentic folk art. There are no limits! You may hook an original design, a pattern by another designer or come with an idea and we will work on a design together. Learn tricks to inspire the artist within and design rugs to tell stories of the world around us, humorous and otherwise. Dye new and recycled wools to complement your piece. Explore alternative ways to tell your story, troubleshoot problems, and embellish your piece.

Create a piece of folk art which will become an heirloom for future generations. There will be an assortment of wools for sale, but you are encouraged to bring your own as well as some other fibres to play with. Plus there are always the vendors for more beautiful wools! This class is open to all abilities, cuts, patterns or original designs. Please bring some cut wools or other interesting fibers to share. Think outside the box about what you can use! Also please bring an open mind, jokes, hints and tricks,

Instructor: Susie Stephenson, Maine
Susie learned to hook from her mother, drawing her own designs and hooking with recycled fabrics from the very
beginning. She continues in this tradition today and encourages others to create their own unique designs and experiment with found fabrics. In 2009, Susie wrote Designing and Hooking Primitive Rugs, a guide to hooking in the primitive style and a window into her process of designing rugs. Today, Susie keeps a small flock of sheep and goats, teaches classes, hosts fiber arts gatherings and shows her work at fiber events. Susie is not one to get stuck in a rut, she is constantly looking for new ways to express herself through spinning, dyeing, felting and knitting in addition to rug hooking. Through it all, the emphasis is on fun, creativity and community.

Fine Shaded Flowers – COURSE FULL!

flowersThis course will bring out the student’s inner artistic self by painting with wool in a #3 cut. You will be working with 6 and 8 value swatches and learn how to use transitional and dip dyes to create beautiful, realistic flowers and leaves. Ruth will teach useful shading techniques such as, fingering, feathering, directional hooking and mock shading. We will work with vibrant swatches and background colours that will enhance and bring your florals to life. Choose a pattern suitable to your level of interest and experience. Copyright laws do apply. Join me for a fun and rewarding week. (Level – Intermediate)

Instructor: Ruth Downing, Nova Scotia
Ruth has been hooking for 18 years and is a certified teacher with the RHGNS. Her passion is ‘fine detail’, whether in flowers, pictorials or portraits. Ruth has taught at the Truro, Mount Saint Vincent and Newfoundland Rug Schools. She also gives workshops out of her home overlooking the ocean in Cow Bay and travels to other communities to teach. Ruth so enjoys the enthusiasm and creativity of her students. Her ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ was selected for inclusion in Celebration 2007.