Creative Indigenous – Shirley Joyce


21/02/2022 - 25/02/2022    
9:00 am - 3:00 am


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Creative Indigenous finished Project for 2022 Virtual Rug School course by Shirley Joyce

Creative Indigenous Finished Project

Welcome to “Creative Indigenous” where we will explore the Mi’kmaw “Seven Levels of Creation”. During the three days, you will see work by Indigenous artists and learn the history of the creation of the Mi’kmaw people. While designing you may hook your animals as silhouettes or gather inspiration from the Indigenous artists you will learn about in class.

We will be hooking a chair pad that I have designed. Proficiency with #3 cut will be necessary to hook the animals as they are small.  Each animal has special meaning: Eagle is Love; Buffalo is respect; Bear, courage; Turtle, truth; Wolf, humility; and Beaver is wisdom. You will be expected to choose your own materials and colors to achieve the finished rug.  Join me for a fascinating three-day journey into the Mi’kmaw art and culture.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


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