Yarn Painting with Flair – Len de Graaf


21/02/2022 - 25/02/2022    
9:00 am - 3:00 pm


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What is Yarn Painting?

Melted beeswax is applied to a hard surface and when dry yarn is pressed into the hardened beeswax with a sharp implement to create a beautiful piece of art.

WHO: People who love working with yarn such as rug hookers, needle punchers, weavers and thread painters.

WHAT: Each participant will be mailed a kit containing an 8×8″ wooden cradled panel board. This board will have 6 coats of melted beeswax on it applied by me before it is sent to you. Included you will have instructions as to how to beeswax your own boards after the workshop. You provide  your  own yarn & fibres. Theme: You may wish to reference a landscape painting by Tom Tomson or use a picture you have taken yourself of a  landscape.

HOW: On Monday I will demonstrate yarn painting techniques which you will practise on your board. Then when you are comfortable you can start your yarn painting using yarn and alternative fibres to create your own painting. On Tues. you will continue to yarn paint. Then on Friday I will show  you how to work with edges, sides of the wooden frame and most importantly how to work with the corners.

KITS: Each kit will cost $45.00 which includes mailing.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday


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