Zoom Practice for 2021 Virtual Rug School


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed

Make your 2021 Virtual Rug School a positive experience.  Sign up for a Zoom Practice session. We will practice:

  • Connecting to zoom
  • Turning your microphone on and off (Mute / unmute)
  • Turning your video on and off
  • Renaming yourself to be sure you are placed in the correct room for your course.
  • Moving in and out of the breakout room.

Time Zone Help 10:00 AM ADT = 10:30 AM NL = 9:00 AM EDT = 8:00  AM CDT = 7:00 AM MDT = 6:00 AM PDT

Email info@RHGNS.com if you need to set up an individual session to work through connection issues




Registrations have ended for this event