Every Child Matters

A Project of the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia

Mission Statement

The Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, our three regions, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, our members across Canada and the United States and around the world, recognize that Every Child Matters.

To honour the Indigenous children who suffered and died in residential schools, to honour those who were taken from their parents, culture, and families, we are asking our members to hook a mat from designs from First Nations artists in the Maritime provinces.  These mats will be offered with love and respect.  Some will be displayed in special exhibits or locations in collaboration with Indigenous communities.

These designs created by First Nations artists will be offered to rug hookers to hook in the spirit of what the artist has created.  Each artist will set the parameters on how each design may be interpreted and hooked.

Noella Moore – Every Child Matters

Tara Francis – Flying Home on the Wings of the Eagle

Phyllis Grant –  Ancestors Watching Over

Lorne Julien – Family Resurgence

Gerald Gloade – Honouring Survivors and the Lost Children

Every Child Matters

Conditions of Participation

Those who wish to hook a pattern(s) from the images provided by our 5 participating artists, must register and agree to the conditions listed below. Once our Every Child Matters RHGNS Participation Agreement is signed/agreed to electronically, the images(s) will be sent to you as a PDF with the artist’s specifications.


By signing this Every Child Matters RHGNS Participation Agreement you must:

  • Hook according to the specifications of each First Nations Artist which will be sent to you
    with the artist’s image(s).
  • Hook your piece a minimum of 9 inches square /23 cm square or 9 inches/23 cm diameter if
    circular. You may hook any size or shape as long as the minimum is maintained.
  • Attach your name and the name of the artist to the back of the mat along with a sleeve for hanging.
  • Mail or deliver your finished mat to one of the chairs of our three adjudication committees,
    whichever one is most convenient to you. Addresses will be provided with the image.

Once received, all mats become the property of the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia.

Your mat will be juried and if your mat is accepted, it will be displayed in an appropriate area or gallery, displayed electronically or in print or gifted by  the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, in consultation with the artists and with First Nations associations or groups and/or will become part of Every Child Matters RHGNS permanent collection