The Electronic Book “The Garrett Bluenose Patterns”


The Teachers Branch of RHGNS is proud to present the electronic PDF version of the book “The Garrett Bluenose Patterns – Celebrating Our Rug Hooking Heritage”. It contains the history of the Garretts, over 100 photos of beautiful rugs and comprehensive notes and instructions by Teacher Branch members.


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Enjoy reading the fascinating history of the Garretts and their process of pattern making.  For over 80 years they were the largest distributor of patterns in the world.  As well, you will be amazed by the story behind the rescue of these historically important patterns by dedicated individuals to preserve for future generations.

View over 100 photos of beautiful Bluenose rugs, old and new, as well as photos of original pattern images and hand coloured burlap patterns;

Study the comprehensive notes and instructions by Teachers Branch members – a valuable resource for the rug hooker regardless of their hooking background or style.  There is something for everyone!  Topics include:  Rug Hooking Tips and Tricks; A Beginner’s Guide to Hooking; Geometrics; Pictorial Landscapes and Seascapes; Primitive Florals, Three Value and Six Value Floral Shading; Finishing Rugs; and an extensive Glossary of Terms.


Available in PDF version only.