We are building the REAL registration page for Rug School 2021 which will be held May 2-7, 2021

The test is currently closed

EMAIL info@rhgns.com if you are still having trouble signing in.  We will work with you to resolve the logon issues.


Steps for Registering

Step 1: Log in as a member (You will arrive at this page if you just logged in. But if you click the link under the Rug School Menu you may still need to log in first)

Step 2: Find the course you want

Step 3:  Click the button of the type of ticket you want to book (Student, Auditor or Wait List).  You will be taken to the Event page for that type of ticket.

Step 4: On the ticket event page, click the purple button that says “Click here to submit your registration for this course“.  Once you click that button, a message is displayed saying your booking was successful but is pending confirmation.   You will also receive an email saying your booking is pending confirmation.  At this point your ticket is reserved. 

NOTE:  You may need to click the box next to the statement:  “You must allow us to collect and store your data in order for us to process your booking” before your registration will go through.  This should only need to be done once.

Step 5: The Web Director will review your booking within 48 hours .  You will then get an email saying it is approved.

You can see your booked tickets by clicking on the My Rug School bookings item  in the Rug School Menu.

Email info@rhgns.com with your questions and comments.