The Teachers Branch of the RHGNS

  Is Pleased to Announce the

  Launch of 250 Bluenose Pattern images


  Our Book entitled, ‘The Garrett Bluenose Patterns

Celebrating Our Rug Hooking Heritage

July 1, 2021

On the RHGNS Web Site

Bluenose Pattern #2024 Bluenose Schooner hooked and photographed by Doris Norman, 1988. Used with Permission

Bluenose Pattern #874, Sugaring Off, Hooked and photographed by Celia Charlton, 2020. Used with Permission

Pattern images are categorized by file:  Chair Mats, Welcome Mats, Florals and Scrolls, Pictorials, Geometrics, Whimsical, Animals, and Mixed Category.

Images are in pdf format for download at $10 per pattern for members only.


Our companion book to the pattern images, ‘The Garrett Bluenose Patterns’ is available to the general public as a pdf for download in the web site store at $40 per copy.

The book features the incredible Garrett history, photos of over 100 hooked Bluenose rugs, coloured burlap patterns and comprehensive hooking tips and instructions by members of the Teachers Branch.


Instructions for payment will be included on the site.