Become an Associate!

The Teachers Branch of the RHGNS offers a 1 to 4 year highly regarded certification program both locally and internationally.

We welcome those who have a passion for hooking, want to show their ideas, creativity, and skills with others.

Those interested need to have attended rug school for 2  years prior to applying for admission to the Branch as well as being a member in good standing of the RHGNS.

There are 3 mandatory classes; each offered at in-person rug school at intervals to accommodate the current Associate Members but are also open to any guild members who wish to learn from these classes or have an interest in becoming an Associate with the Teachers Branch.

The required classes are as follows:

1. Fine Shaded Flowers – 5 days
2. Dye Class with “Hands-on” work – 5 days
3. Teacher Training – 5 days

As well as the classes, there are specific hooking projects designed to demonstrate the skills learned in the various categories.

If you have an interest in becoming a part of a great group of people who enjoy having fun, fellowship and learning, why not contact the Teachers Branch President or the Teachers Branch Admissions Chair.


Teachers Branch President: Dwight Gallagher –

Teachers Branch Admissions Chair: Celia