Code of Ethics

A member of the Teachers’ Branch should:

  • Be prepared to share, support and participate in all the activities of the Teachers’ Branch.
  • Encourage students to participate in the RHGNS in accordance with the By-Laws of the Teachers’ Branch which state that: The purpose shall be:
    • to set and maintain a high standard of quality in teaching techniques, craftsmanship and knowledge of the rug hooking craft.
    • to provide opportunities for study and creative development in all aspects of the craft.
    • to augment the purpose of the Teachers’ Branch as outlined in the By Laws:
      • To encourage the excellence of craftsmanship;
      • To foster a sense of beauty in colour and design;
      • To provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information among members of the Guild;
      • To co-operate with Guilds in other crafts.
  • Show loyalty to other members of the Teachers’ Branch and support all fellow teachers. Among fellow teachers discuss complaints and opinions in private, never in front of students.
  • Be prepared to share among other members, ideas and information leading to the progress and improvement of the craft and, when asked to, undertake research into specific subjects.
  • Give credit to other teachers for design and/or instruction and make students aware of the importance of such acknowledgement.
  • When dealing with queries regarding instruction, determine the location where instruction is required, and list ALL available teachers and facilities in that area, allowing the student complete freedom of choice without influence.
  • Not copy, either by tracing, or by any other means, any commercial design or any pattern developed by a fellow teacher for rug hooking purposes, without permission of the designer, and shall make it clear to students that she/he will not allow any copyrighted design to be copied and used for any purpose unless written permission to do so has been granted to the user by the copyright owner.
  • When nearing the completion of a new student beginner course, consider extending an invitation to the RHGNS Director to meet and encourage prospective members.
  • Pass out prepared Guild brochures and/or read a history of the Guild.
  • When having queries, complaints, requests or plaudits regarding the administration or conduct of any matter pertaining to the Teachers’ Branch, make the issue known to the Executive of the Teachers’ Branch.